Donate to The 8th Annual Birds for Books

Black and White Warbler

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Donate to the 8th Annual Birds for Books Fundraiser

Birds For Books Partners Local Bird Watchers With Support for the Friends of the Hot Springs Library
Make Your Pledge Today! 
You can make a monetary pledge per identified species we see/hear on our Annual Bird Hike on
Saturday, April 24th, 2021.  We usually ID around 100 local species!! Click HERE to learn more about Birds for Books


Pledge by emailing us at You can pledge .25, .50, .75, or $1.00 Per Species Identified On Our Annual Bird Count Hike, let us know your name, and we will contact you via email after we tally our 2021 Bird Count and let you know what you owe.

In 2021, our Birds For Books fundraising efforts will be used the New Building Fund,
as we finish paying down the debt on our wonderful Hot Springs Library building.
Want to hike with us on our Annual Bird Count Hike? We will be hiking on Saturday, April 24th (Sunday, April 25th rain date). For more info about the hike, contact Pete Dixon at


Thank you for supporting the Friends of Hot Springs Library! Our NEW HOT SPRINGS LIBRARY has become a vital and well loved part of our Hot Springs community.   We thank you for your ongoing support.  The Friends of Hot Springs Library secured a loan to purchase the building for our Hot Springs  Library in 2017. We are in our last year and we’re getting close!!  Our loan comes due in October of this year, 2021.  WE CAN DO THIS!!  We continue to ask for your monetary support to help us retire the remainder of our five year mortgage.  All operating expenses are covered in the Madison County Public Library budget, so FHSL can focus all our efforts on debt retirement.  Every donation goes directly to that goal!  With your support, we will reach our goal. No amount is too small (or too large!). Every dollar helps get us closer. 

 All Donations are Tax Deductible:  Friends of Hot Springs Library is a chapter of Madison County Friends of the Library, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Your entire donation is tax deductible. We so much appreciate your generosity and your caring about our Library.

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