4th Annual Birds For Books Fundraiser

It’s April which means it’s time for the fourth annual Birds for Books fundraiser. Birds for Books is a bird-athon which benefits the Friends of the Hot Springs Library and over the last few years it has raised thousands of dollars to do just that, funding improvements and supporting the new library location. Birds for Books works just like a walkathon, except instead of walking in circles we do something fun, which is watching birds all day on the last Saturday in April. Supporters can pledge at one of 4 levels, .25, .50, .75 or $1.00 per species, and since we usually see about 100 species of birds, the pledges generally just multiply from cents to dollars. Another important element in Birds for Books is getting young people involved. Every year, kids from the community are included, with the idea that for some of these kids bird watching may become a life long hobby. And taking care of local institutions is another job we hope they will learn.

  • HOW TO MAKE A PLEDGE :  send us an email at  ~  In the comment box, type your pledge amount. (choose one)

  • .25 per species = Kinglet Pledge

  • .50 per species = Swallow Pledge
  • .75 per species = Redtail Pledge
  • $1.00 per species = Osprey Pledge

  • We will contact you via email after our birding day, April 29th, and let you know how many species we saw and your total pledge amount.  How to pay: Mail a check, stop in the Hot Springs Library or pay via credit card or paypal on this website.  It’s so easy to be a part of this wonderful fundraiser!