Frequently Asked Questions About Donating with PayPal

Do I need a Paypal Account? – No.  You can use a Paypal account if you have one, but you can use a major credit card which will be processed through Paypal’s secure processing site.

Other Than Credit Card Info, What Info Will I Have to Enter For A Donation? – Name, address, phone number and e-mail address.  You also will have an opportunity to include “Instructions to seller”, that’s us. Write us a note if you are donating in the name of a loved one, you wish your donation to remain anonymous, or if you would like to leave us any other special instructions.

The Friends of Hot Springs Library will not have access to your credit card info.  We will have access to your name, address, phone and e-mail.  We do not share e-mail info with other organizations.

Will I Be Charged a Fee? – No.  Your account will only be charged the amount you enter for your donation.  Of course, any bank charges you normally incur when using your card, including interest on unpaid balances, will still be applicable and charged by your bank.  Fees also may be charged for rejected transactions.

How Do I Correct A Mistake or Cancel a Donation? – If you have not completed the payment transaction by clicking the payment button in PayPal, you can click the link that says “Cancel and return to Friends of Hot Springs Library” at the bottom of the PayPal screen.  The transaction will be cancelled and you will return to the Friends website.

If you have completed a payment transaction in error (wrong name, address, donation amount, etc.) or wish to cancel your payment for some other reason, contact Friends immediately by e-mailing us at

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